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We are always hiring talented team members for the Direct Care Professional position. We have full-time, part-time, and/or PRN positions available.

Employment Opportunities

We are looking for creative and enthusiastic people to provide services to our program participants. If you are smart, kind, and enjoy working with our unique individuals, fill out the employment form below!

Benefits include:

  • Low-cost insurance benefits
  • Medical, Vision, Dental, and Life insurance for Full time employees
  • Flexible schedule
  • Opportunities for career advancement
  • Wellness benefits
  • 6 Holidays at time and a half and 2 days at double time
  • Professional Development
  • Opportunities for leadership
  • Having FUN at work!

Please email your resume and contact details to:

Part-Time – Direct Care Professional


The Part-Time Direct Care Professional (DCP) is a position with important responsibilities in caring for persons with intellectual disabilities. There are no guaranteed hours. It requires that you display the ability to assess the skills of individuals, identify the kind of assistance they need and take actions consistent with those determinations. The primary purpose of the position is to maintain the safety of the individuals in your care. Other important purposes are related to assisting the program participants in maintaining a high quality of life by helping them accomplish daily tasks that allow them to be as independent as possible. The DCP will perform needed tasks where appropriate. The DCP will provide partial assistance where appropriate. The DCP will provide skill development to the participant where appropriate. The DCP will provide supervision to the program participant where appropriate. The determination of how much assistance the DCP provides a given participant will be made by the treatment team and be reflected in the ISP. The DCP will be given training in professional skills and in the needs of the specific participants. The DCP will take direction from the management of Creative Dialogues. Tasks that the DCP will engage in will be individualized to specific participants, but will generally include those listed below.

Maintaining safety:
1. DCP will assess for and maintain the safety of the participants at all times.
2. DCP will ensure that the home is free of the clutter that could result in injury.
3. DCP will ensure that participants use household appliances only when they can safely do so.
4. DCP will ensure that participants engage only in tasks that they can perform safely.
5. DCP will call for assistance if needed and utilize 911 emergency services when needed.
6. DCP will engage in positive behavior management practices to minimize emotional and behavioral problems.

Care of the home environment:
1. DCP will assist with or maintain the cleanliness of the common areas of the home.
2. DCP will engage in meal planning/preparation or assistance in meal planning/preparation with the participant.
3. DCP will assist with or perform laundry-related tasks.
4. DCP will assist with or maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen area of the home.
5. DCP will assist with or maintain the cleanliness of participant bedrooms.
6. DCP will assist with or maintain the cleanliness of the bathrooms in the home.

Personal care of the participants:
1. DCP will assist participants with personal care such as dressing, showering, brushing teeth, toileting, etc.
2. DCP will administer medications as instructed and as appropriate to the individual participants.

Assisting with participant skill development and community integration:
1. DCP will assess the current skill level of participants in the areas of daily living skills.
2. DCP will identify new skills to be developed by the participants.
3. DCP will provide instruction to the participants in new skill development.
4. DCP will take participants out into the community and facilitate activities, so they may participate in activities that enhance their quality of life.

1. DCP will document progress made by participants on identified goals.
2. DCP will document all unusual incidents as instructed.
3. DCP will document daily activities of the participant, instruction provided to the participant by the DCP, and progress on skill development made by the participants.
4. DCP will complete all other assigned documentation.

Other duties as assigned:
1. DCP will complete all other tasks as assigned by the management of Creative Dialogues that further the mission of the organization.